Meet Matt,
UK web developer and fast solver of your toughest IT problems.

My name is Matt Deacalion Stevens and I'm passionate about delivering solutions that are as fast, effective and straightforward as possible.

If you're fed up with IT contractors who miss deadlines, drag their heels, or come up with inappropriate or ineffective solutions, then try me instead.

I have plenty of practical, professional experience in developing websites and web-based applications for businesses whose digital presence is their lifeblood. Much of what I work on is mission-critical, and I understand the need to get it right first time, every time – and to meet your business aims.

Server Side

Including server planning, installation, configuration and monitoring. Also scaling and performance tuning, whether it's setting up a reverse proxy or a cluster of PostgreSQL servers.


Code shapes fuzzy demands into hard-edged, effective solutions. It's both a tool and a craft, and whatever language it's in, I look to produce code that's on time, bug-free, well-structured, compact and fast.


Just as important as keeping out the hackers is ensuring the integrity and reliability of the data and underlying infrastructure, so your system has security and stability that your organisation can depend on.


Very few things are “fire and forget” in the IT world. From deployment and security auditing to patching and maintaining mission-critical systems, there's always a process. If there isn't, I can put one in place.